2018 FP Awards - The Winners

Joshua Farrell

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Nov 9, 2009
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Thanks to @Jerlene for all the images used in this topic!
Hey everyone! It's time to announce the winners of the 2018 FP Awards! To the winners, we will be in contact with you soon about a userbar for you to use!

Member Awards:

The Design Guru
The user who dominates the Graphics Forums. You are constantly seeing their username in the graphics areas.

The Educator
This member is always quick to give someone a hand when they need it.

The One with No Life
You always see this member on the forums. It seems like they never sign out or ever take a break. It's like they live here or something.

The Gladiator
For the user who's always entering their sites into Site Battles.

The Greeter
This person is always the first one to greet new members on the forum, and make them feel welcome.

The Congratulator
User who congrats a lot in the What's Going On section when sites reach certain milestones.

The Exchange Master
This member is active in the Forum Exchanges, has a good reputation for completing trades/being cooperative, trustworthy, etc.

The Gambler/Donator
This user is always throwing their FP$ around in trades or spends it a lot and/or gives a lot of their FP$ away for free, etc.

The Fashionista
This person always has the most creative avatars/signatures on the forum.
@Cameron Taylor

The Grammar Freak
A user who prides themselves in providing high quality posts and uses great grammar and fancy words.

The Visitor/Commenter
A member who is constantly leaving profile comments on people's profiles.

The Post Whore
This member litters FP with millions of posts.

The Lurker
This person is always around but always silent.

From Zero to Hero
Most improved member.

Mr. / Mrs. Sexy
The sexiest member of FP.

Peer Persona
Helps everyone in Community Reviews.

Favorite VC/RA
@Princess MeowsePad

Staff Awards:

Favorite Administrator:
@Cameron Taylor
Favorite Team Leader:
Favorite Community Team Member:
Favorite Package Team Member:
Favorite Review Team Member:
Favorite Staff Member:
@Joshua Farrell

A big thank you to those who helped out with the Awards this year, and congrats to all award winners! :)

FP Awards

FP Awards
Nov 29, 2009
Congratulations everyone! Wished there were more votes sent in, as we were very close on getting a number of ties with only 5 people sending votes in.


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Thanks to everyone who voted for me! And congrats to everyone else :)
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Congrats to all the victors, and commiserations to all those that "tried"... even me :p


FP Elder
Congratulations to everyone !

To those who didn’t win, Good Luck !
I’ve been trying to win ‘The Lurker’ for the past 4 years ! :sweatsmile:
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