2018 Official Bracket & Off-Topic Chat


Thank you @Grimalkin for all of the hard work you've put into the competition this year - as well as for giving me the heads up when it had initially been put up!

Thank you to @MasterA for allowing/green-lighting such an event for the members of FP to participate in.

And lastly, but certainly not least, thank you to the FP community for taking the time to visit our projects, whether they be blogs, forums, or sites, and then casting your vote for your favourites in each and every round. It certainly was fun and I know those of my forum who joined up here and took part in the voting also had fun during the entire process.

Kudos for a well run Site Battle Madness in 2018 and I look forward to the next in 2019!


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Jun 4, 2013
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Well done people.
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I nearly forgot!!!
I want to thank Sarah (@Kik) for the wonderful theme we have set as our default over on WeTheGamers; Game Night. I know people really did like the layout, header, etc, and I just wanted to mention that she was responsible for its design - along with many of our other themes on the forum. She has always been my favourite designer on ZB and I thought she deserves a shout-out as well! :D
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Yo, guys. This was a very entertaining tournament to take part of. I want to thank the FP staff the opportunity as well as the members for taking part in it right till the end.

It was pretty insightful seeing some of the differences for choosing between candidates and it made me think in my own criteria to vote as well as getting to know some cool communities, websites and blogs.

I am sorry that some of the early rounds didn't go for some participants the way they hoped for but I hope we get to see these websites again.

I also want to thank the one who nudged me to join. I was so close to miss this opportunity and thank you for the support ZC received. I am amazed at the response we had on our website - to reach the final four - as it definitely tells me there's a lot more interest and that we definitely can be doing better.

I seriously want all these projects to keep prospering in the years to come. :D