From small-scale firms to already established businesses, the process of functioning is never the same. However, the one thing that is common between the two of them is “fear” – the fear of being a brand!

Brand renewal or branding, as we all call it, is an amazing opportunity which takes businesses towards innovation and growth. If this is the case, why do organizations find the entire process to be so intimidating?

Well, one of the main reasons behind this common fear is the ambiguity that comes with branding – what if it doesn’t work? Now, it sure might fall flat provided you don’t have the required expertise and experience of branding. However, with the help of useful resources and professional knowledge, it is next to impossible that your efforts might not pay off!

There are several reasons as to why a business feels edgy about being a brand. Getting to know what they actually are, will help overcome that fear.

Lacking awareness

Unless you don’t see what...
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