WTB 420 Articles for a Blog


Oct 29, 2018
I'm managing a small project blog that will educate people on the uses of CBD and the benefits of medical marijuana. I need a good writer that shares an interest in the 420 community and is comfortable writing nicely formatted articles in markup or HTML since my blog is powered by Ghost.org.

As of now, I need a professional "Welcome to my blog" type of post that introduces people to the site and tells what we publish so people know what to expect from our content. I could do this myself, but I want my writer to consider strong keywords for my niche when writing this article.

If I like your writing skills, I'll give you a few focused topics to write about where you have the choice of making it 100% unique or creating a rewrite of an article. I can keep you pretty busy, so please leave me your estimates. You will be a ghost-writer

Discord; pirate#1078

Or you can message me back on here.