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Nov 7, 2014
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Introduction to this message from the CEO/Founder of Bizdustry!​

Our warmest congratulations to @Malcolm, @ChrisGrigg & @Joshua Farrell, who recently have been working tirelessly to help Bizdustry achieve where it's at today. We wouldn't be here without them, so please help me in congratulating them. Please help me recognize @Malcolm and @ChrisGrigg for their amazing efforts in helping to migrate a potential DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack and secure our firewall.

I understand how frustrating our advertising is but it's the only way we can cover our monthly outgoings: web hosting, marketing, & payroll costs. As our way of recognizing the hard efforts of our fantastic employees, we are now going to gift the Premium Membership to our staff members for FREE. (Worth: 20USD$ a month, or 240USD$ per Year).

If you would like to enjoy an advertising-free experience, along with other benefits for 20$ a month, please visit this link where you'll have the option to make a purchase. You may pay through our secure Coinbase or PayPal Merchant Checkout or alternatively pay using your biznotes. You'll also get a shining yellow username.

Staff Team Promotions:​

I’m very pleased to announce that @ChrisGrigg is being promoted to Community Administrator/ Manager after internal discussions. In the past few months, Chris has achieved great things in moderating and helping us maintain a fully functional website & provide excellent customer support, on top of his normal moderation duties. Now, he will bring his knowledge and experience officially to the table. Please join me in congratulating Chris and wishing him the best of luck in his new role.

Reaching 250,000 Messages:

Our forum has recently seen an achievement of 250,000 forum messages. That's incredible. It's incredible to think that the forum only had a few thousand posts in November last year. We've grown so much and will continue to do so with you're support. To each and everyone one of you that has helped us in our journey so far thank you. Thank you for being there when we've had no choice but to lower the incentives. Thank you for being there during the tough times, and thank you for continuing to be there for Bizdustry.

YouTube - Reaching 1,000,000 YouTube Views!​

If you haven't already done so, please subscribe and turn on that notification bell on our official company YouTube channel. Bizdustry uploads new videos once a week, sometimes more! Our videos mainly focus on motivation, company reviews, earning money online, and special milestone challenges once we hit the "x" number of subscribers. Over the past 48 hours, we have seen more than 100,000 views, and over the past 28 days, nearly 400,000 people have viewed our content. Thus far, our biggest achievement on YouTube is achieving 1.1 million channel views, as seen in the screenshot below.

I personally cannot thank you enough for supporting me along this journey, and the least that I'm going to do in return is stick to my weekly upload schedule for our loyal viewers watching.


Refer a Friend for 1$ (1000 Biznotes)​

Please be reminded that even though we have reduced certain financial incentives on Bizdustry, we are still offering 1$ (1000 biz notes) for each person you refer to Bizdustry. T&C's Apply: Please note that our system will automatically issue referral credits our system once the following requirements have been met.
  1. Users must make a minimum of 25 posts.
  2. Users must not be in the same household or use the same IP address.
  3. Users must not register under a proxy server.
  4. Users must not violate any of our site Guidelines.
  5. Users must sign up using your referral link, which can be found here.
  6. You must not use any methods that are deemed malicious, fraudulent, or cheat the system for money.
  7. All of the 25 messages that your referral posts must adhere to our Terms of Service.

Thank you once again,
Alexander from @Bizdustry.com
CEO, Founder & Managing Director
► Website: https://bizdustry.com/
► Offerwall - https://offerwalls.bizdustry.com/
► Business Email: [email protected]
► YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Bizdustry
► Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Bizdustry-102947001504060
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