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Solved Account Badges - Inaccessible?

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I noticed a few members that were former staff still had badges, which, I've reported privately and is being dealt with internally. This is because I noticed that somebody removed my badge, and every other former team member got to keep theirs. Not sure whether the one rule for somebody and another rule for somebody else is fair, hence the reason for bringing this to the attention of the relevant person.

Soon after this, it seems now, that I cannot access the Badge section? Has somebody changed my individual permissions or is this a bug? I would appreciate somebody letting me know about tweaks in individual account permissions that restrict user activity if this is the case. I am not alleging hence why I'm raising it to be investigated as a bug in a transparent way. Without going into much detail about prior events, I'm not happy with the level of service and handling of certain situations, including the removal of posts because they are "private". I've seen many forums die because of administration and moderators coming down too strict or not approaching dissatisfaction not in the best way possible, this also needs to be addressed.

The URL that I am trying to access is https://forumpromotion.net/forum/badges/
Is it down for maintenance?

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The badges have been removed due to technical reasons.
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