Actor's opinions mean much?


The Lämminator
Feb 10, 2019
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Wild Cat

Sep 22, 2020
Most celebrities are more desperate for our attention than people realize. They can just afford to act indifferent because it suits their agenda.

I've come across many celebrities in real life. I ignore them & still never regret it


Hasta La Vista, Baby
Mar 10, 2021
Do the opinions of famous actors or actresses mean much to you?
I was very happy that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

I don't like it when you have actors and actress's like Gal Gadot, who uses Wonder Woman as an advocate for Gun Control and Reform, and openly opposes the 2nd Amendment and wants to have our guns taken away from us. I believe guns save just as many lives as they take. IF they were so DANGEROUS for everyone, the military and the police wouldn't be using them. It's not mine or anyone else's fault that you have people out there that abuse the right of owning a firearm and think it's okay to go rob a bank with their own firearm or go on a killing spree just to appease their own rage and hate. Why should I have my right's revoked for a crime the perpetrator committed? What about my 2nd Amendment rights?

I do believe guns should be used for home defense and I refuse to die as an unarmed victim in my own home should someone break with the malicious intent to cause have.

I do believe even if they took our guns. The criminals will keep their guns hidden somewhere. They won't give theirs up. So I'll need my pistols and other firearms just in case they want to come over my house and violate my rights. I have the right to protect my family.

People who oppose gun rights can shove it. When someone breaks into their home and violates their rights. They'll change their mind about owning a gun.

And after that recent shooting in Colorado. There was a high percentage of Asian American's buying fire-arms for their own protection.

and because of the riots caused by BLM and the election. There's been a huge gun and ammo shortage. This is highly evident that no one supports Gun Control when people don't feel safe in their own homes. There's more and more people out there siding with the 2nd Amendment.
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