Add your website(s) to P2P (Peer to Peer) search engine


Hey everyone,

I know that it can get hard getting search engines to respect your results, including some search engines that aren't commonly used (country specific such as Yandex, or those that are Peer to Peer but can get you on more public ones with ease). I recently started to use an old server to become apart of a few different P2P (specifically YaCy & Nutch) search engines to crawl websites, which will boost you up to higher rankings and hit audience groups that you may not have been able to before.

I'll add as many websites as you want to my crawler (which will than show up to others - I can show you verification via my logs and when it gets uploaded to other's instances) for free, but all that I ask in return is that you create an account, and make a few posts/topics on my community. In doing so, I'll make sure that I crawl your website at least once every 1-4 days (compared to if you don't, I'll only verify that I will crawl it once per month).

I'm working on getting the interface available to show to everyone for the two crawlers I have running (so you can validate your websites show in the results for everyone), and I will let you know the second that it's open. For now, please feel free to drop your websites (and usernames if you create some posts and topics) and I'll get you added accordingly.
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