Added EST Based Live Chat and Upgraded Back End Navigation to Exceptionality Hosting! To Further Assist Visitors and Clients Alike!


Feb 22, 2021
Eastern US
Hi and welcome to another updates which were made to Exceptionality Hosting!

Visitors and clients alike will now be able to browse our Knowledge Base with it's additional Drop Down Menu as well as our Support Drop Down Menu featuring the directly our live chat support option!

That is also right that we now offer Live Chat support usually during most EST hours! On our main site as well through the above mentioned navigation for both visitors and clients alike!

Missed us and don't fancy filing a ticket or sending an email our way? I have accounted for that too! With our "offline form" you will be able to easily let us aware what you are needing while still in the chat's widget/page! Coupled with a valid email we will be able to simply get back to you when we are back online!

Until next time feel free to reply to this thread also! :)
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