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Up-and-Coming Sensation
The population of Canada is 37 million people. Paypal has more than 200 million registered users. Can these two facts be related? Of course, because they help to understand why the Sweepstakes offer [MOB+WEB] Rewards Giant - PayPal $750 SOI /CA is in the leading position of our top with an average CR of 13.6%, which allows you to get an EPC of $0.32 with a default payout of $2.40.
Let's take a look at the landing page and see what it takes to get the lead. All is quite simple here – at the first step the user is asked to complete three questions by selecting the answer from the suggested ones, and then enter their e-mail:





Clicking on the "Continue" button finishes the registration process, and you get a conversion. Simple, isn't it?
And if you factor in that almost any traffic is allowed on the offer (excluding spam, fraud, bot, incentive, content locking and adult), then it becomes clear why our partners choose it to work with Canadian traffic.

We will be waiting for your tests with Adtrafico.com!


Up-and-Coming Sensation
On the European Championship finals eve, football fans will definitely like our new [MOB+WEB] Win an EURO 2020 4K QLED TV SOI. And even if your favourite team didn't advance from the group stage, the profit from these offers will surely brighten the bitterness of defeat. Especially with such an appropriate choice of geo:

Netherlands - $2.80
United Kingdom - $2.30
Italy - $1.90
France - $1.45
Spain - $0.95



Up-and-Coming Sensation

Now is the right time to finish the month strong with solid profits. This week we prepared the top Sweepstakes offers representing the best for the month of June, which, we are sure will drive your profits sky high!

• [MOB+WEB] SU - Win an iPhone 12 Color Choose White /ZA, Payout: $5.60, EPC: $0.06, CR: 1.1%
• [MOB+WEB] SX - Samsung S20 SOI /BE
, Payout: €1.60, EPC: $0.14, CR: 7.2%
• [MOB+WEB] Amazon 1000 € SOI /DE
, Payout: €2.30, EPC: $0.37, CR: 13.6%
• [MOB+WEB] NCC - Visa ₤100 SOI /UK
, Payout: $2.40, EPC: $0.21, CR: 8.9%
• [MOB+WEB] 7-Eleven SOI /SG
, Payout: $1.75, EPC: $0.22, CR: 12.4%


Up-and-Coming Sensation
Of course, it's nice to watch the EURO 2020 final on TV. But you must agree, it is much better to be there in person. With our new Sweepstakes offer [MOB+WEB] Win euro cup tickets SOI everything is possible! Not only for the users, but for you as well, as with this relevant theme and with such payouts you can easily earn even on VIP tickets:

Luxembourg - $4.80
Sweden - $2.40
United Kingdom - $1.90
Portugal - $1.20
France - $1.20



Up-and-Coming Sensation

PayPal is not only a payment system, but it’s also a great opportunity to profit with. All you need is to test our top Sweepstakes offers, and you will see it for yourself:

[MOB+WEB] Rewards Giant - PayPal $750 SOI /CA, Payout: $2.40, EPC: $0.31, CR: 12.8%
[MOB+WEB] Surfeyo PayPal Gift Card SOI /UK, Payout: $1.90, EPC: $0.18, CR: 9.3%
[MOB+WEB] S&P - PayPal $1000 SOI /US, Payout: $2.45, EPC: $0.28, CR: 11.6%
[MOB+WEB] PayPal Cash SOI /MY, Payout: $0.32, EPC: $0.02, CR: 7.9%
[MOB+WEB] SP - PayPal /AU, Payout: $20.80, EPC: $0.23, CR: 1.1%


Up-and-Coming Sensation
For those who have not yet decided on what to put on the tests this week, our new offers from the Dating, Sweepstakes and Mobile Billing categories will be very helpful:

[MOB+WEB] Download Generic Сlick2Sms /GR [All carriers], Payout: $9.60


[MOB] ST - Encuentratuchica DOI /ES, Payout: $0.80


[MOB+WEB] Boat Tour HERO SOI /PL, Payout: €0.60


[MOB+WEB] SP - Apple iWatch /SE, Payout: $33.60


[MOB] Fremdgehen69 SOI /AT/CH, Payout: $3.25



Up-and-Coming Sensation

For a long time now the tracker has been one of the main tools for the successful work of a media buyer. But when there are so many options, which to choose? We have a suggestion:
BeMob – one-stop solution for the online advertising. Thanks to its stable work and innovative technologies, the tracker which entered the market in 2015, almost immediately took one of the leading positions and continues to hold it by regularly improving its platform.

What is BeMob for the users?

• fast redirects;
• flexible traffic distribution system;
• free SSL for custom domains;
• detailed reports;
• access to a free plan for test;
• bot traffic filters;
• the ability to create custom metrics;
• multi-user access with the distribution of rights for each team member;
• support in a live chat mode.

And that's not all!

BeMob has prepared an additional bonus for Adtrafico partners – a 25% discount on any monthly plan. Ask our managers how to get it, register with BeMob and get all the benefits of working with an innovative tracker!


Up-and-Coming Sensation
E-scooters are rapidly filling the streets of the cities, and many people seek to become an owner of this compact vehicle. That is why our new offers from Sweepstakes category will be very relevant now and it'll be pretty easy for you to earn with them:

[MOB+WEB] NectarContests - Segway Ninebot ES4 SOI /NO, Payout: $1.20


[MOB+WEB] SX - Segway Kickscooter SOI /UK, Payout: €1.60


[MOB+WEB] SB - Segway Scooter SOI /IT, Payout: $1.90


[MOB+WEB] SP - Ninebot ES2 /FR, Payout: $33.60


[MOB+WEB] E-Scooter SOI /SE, Payout: $4.00



Up-and-Coming Sensation

The hot July is coming to an end. This month not only the temperature was high, but the CR's and EPC's of our top Sweepstakes offers as well. See it for yourself:

[MOB+WEB] S&P - Making Better Money - Cash App $750 SOI /US, Payout: $4.00, EPC: $0.46, CR: 11.4%
[MOB+WEB] Rewards Giant - McDonald's, Payout: $2.40, EPC: $0.19, CR: 8.1%
[MOB+WEB] SB - iPhone 12 SOI /TH, Payout: $0.70, EPC: $0.07, CR: 10.7%
[MOB+WEB] SB - iPhone 12 SOI /UK, Payout: $2.50, EPC: $0.18, CR: 7.3%
[MOB+WEB] iPhone 12 SOI /SE, Payout: $4.00, EPC: $0.35, CR: 8.8%


Up-and-Coming Sensation
The end of summer is the time for a new wardrobe. That is why we recommend to pay attention to our new Sweepstakes with the drawing the Shein gift cards, one of the most popular online stores in the world. With these offers the profit won't keep you waiting:

[MOB+WEB] S&P - Making Better Money - Shein $750 SOI /US, Payout: $4.00


[MOB+WEB] NectarContests - SHEIN Giftcard $500 SOI /NL, Payout: $2.00


[MOB+WEB] Rewards Giant - Shein $750 SOI /CA, Payout: $2.40


[MOB+WEB] Shein GiftCard SOI /UK, Payout: $1.90


[MOB+WEB] Shein SOI /AU, Payout: $2.95



Up-and-Coming Sensation

Canada being the second largest country in the world has so much to offer, from beautiful nature, culture and good food to the best monetization and high conversion rates. Who knew, eh?! It’s time to explore Canada and its vast potential with our top offers:

[MOB+WEB] Win the Xbox series X With Game Pass SOI /CA, Payout: $1.60, EPC: $0.14, CR: 8.6%
[MOB+WEB] Rewards Giant - Amazon $750 SOI /CA, Payout: $2.40, EPC: $0.25, CR: 10.4%
[MOB+WEB] Rewards Giant - Walmart $750 SOI /CA, Payout: $2.40, EPC: $0.22, CR: 9.2%
[MOB+WEB] Rewards Giant - PayPal $750 SOI /CA, Payout: $2.40, EPC: $0.21, CR: 8.9%
[MOB+WEB] Win Samsung Galaxy S21 SOI /CA, Payout: $1.60, EPC: $0.15, CR: 9.5%
[MOB+WEB] Test a Thermomix SOI /CA, Payout: $1.60, EPC: $0.13, CR: 8.3%
[MOB+WEB] SM - iPhone 12 /CA, Payout: €16.00, EPC: $0.32, CR: 1.7%


Up-and-Coming Sensation
No matter what kind of Sweepstakes you work with, we literally have everything. As an example, this week's new offers:

[MOB+WEB] McDonald's $1000 Gift Card SOI /SG, Payout: €2.40


[MOB+WEB] ₤1000 Merlin Annual pass SOI /UK, Payout: $1.90


[MOB+WEB] SX - Rema 1000 SOI /NO, Payout: €1.60


[MOB+WEB] Sephora SOI /DE, Payout: $2.00


[MOB+WEB] VS SOI /AU, Payout: $2.95



Up-and-Coming Sensation
Extend this summer with our new Sweepstakes offers [MOB+WEB] SB - Booking Summer SOI! Even the most sophisticated user won't refuse such an offer, and this means that you can easily earn the vacation of your dreams. All it takes is to choose the geo and to launch the traffic:

United Kingdom - $2.30
Italy - $1.90
Spain - $0.95
Belgium - $0.80
Thailand - $0.70



Up-and-Coming Sensation

Looking for a solid advertising network? Then RichAds is definitely what you need, because in there you will find a high-quality push traffic with the possibilities of automated optimization and experts’ help. Specifically:

• premium sources with 250% higher CR;
• new formats: Calendar push for iOS available;
• huge amounts of traffic available for more than 200 geo;
• fast and loyal moderation;
• personal ad experts (insights and creatives provided);
• auto CPA campaigns optimization.

Besides all this, RichAds traffic quality is verified by Adscore, a world leader on detecting internet threats!

And that's not all:
Adtrafico partners can get a welcome bonus of 10% to the first deposit.
Register on the RichAds platform, use the promo code ADTRAFICO and launch your first campaign today!


Up-and-Coming Sensation
Such a "far away" Australia can become a little bit closer if you start running our new Sweepstakes offers. Flow SOI, payout $2.95, accept both mobile and desktop traffic:

Petrol Voucher + BMW


PayPal Cash


JB - Hi-Fi


IGA $500



Up-and-Coming Sensation

It's time for shopping! The top of our Sweepstakes offers with the drawing of stores' gift cards clearly shows where users do purchases most often, and what is the most profitable to run traffic to:

[MOB+WEB] S&P - Making Better Money - Shein $750 SOI /US, Payout: $4.00, EPC: $0.33, CR: 8.3%
[MOB+WEB] Rewards Giant - Metro Grocery $500 SOI /CA, Payout: $2.40, EPC: $0.22, CR: 9.1%
[MOB+WEB] SB - Decathlon Idea Shopping SOI /IT, Payout: $1.90, EPC: $0.12, CR: 6.5%
[MOB+WEB] Kaufland SOI /DE, Payout: €2.30, EPC: $0.21, CR: 7.9%
[MOB+WEB] 7-Eleven SOI /SG, Payout: $1.75, EPC: $0.10, CR: 5.8%


Up-and-Coming Sensation
Great news for Apple fans: the iPhone 13 release date has been announced! It will take place on September 14th, which is excellent news not only for the device users but for our partners too. Even if you are not a fan of Apple technology you are still able to enjoy the new iPhone 13 release, as we've already added new Sweepstakes with the drawing of this device. This means, you have the opportunity to earn big! Flow – SOI, available for the following geo:

Netherlands - $2.00
Australia - $2.00
United Kingdom - $1.80
Belgium - $1.20
Sweden - $1.20



Up-and-Coming Sensation

Autumn starts tomorrow, which means it's time to get down to work! Our top Sweepstakes offers for August will help you to catch up with what you have missed during your summer vacation:

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - Making Better Money - Shein $750 SOI /US, Payout: $4.00, EPC: $0.36, CR: 8.9%
• [MOB+WEB] SU - Win an iPhone 12 Color Choose White /ZA
, Payout: $5.60, EPC: $0.15, CR: 0.7%
• [MOB+WEB] Rewards Giant - Metro Grocery $500 SOI /CA
, Payout: $2.40, EPC: $0.20, CR: 8.5%
• [MOB+WEB] NectarContests - iPhone 12 SOI /BE
, Payout: $1.20, EPC: $0.12, CR: 10.2%
• [MOB+WEB] 7-Eleven SOI /SG
, Payout: $1.75, EPC: $0.08, CR: 4.6%


Up-and-Coming Sensation
Samsung has released the third generation models of the Z Flip and Z Fold smartphones. For those who are always striving to increase their profits, these updates means that now is the right time to test our new Sweepstakes offers:

[MOB+WEB] SB - Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 SOI /UK, Payout: $2.30


[MOB+WEB] Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 SOI /SG, Payout: €2.40


[MOB+WEB] SP - Samsung Galaxy Fold /IT, Payout: $24.00


[MOB+WEB] T&K Samsung Fold3 SOI /CA, Payout: $1.60


[MOB+WEB] Samsung Z Flip SOI /AU, Payout: $2.95



Up-and-Coming Sensation

There is an opinion that the competition in the Asian CPA market is lower than in the European and English-speaking markets. Is that true? Our top Sweepstakes offers for Asian countries will help you find out the answer:

[MOB+WEB] SU - Win an iPhone 11 PRO Black /KR, Payout: $6.40, EPC: $0.10, CR: 1.5%
[MOB+WEB] SU - Win MacBook Air /NZ/JP, Payout: $19.20, EPC: $0.17, CR: 0.9%
[MOB+WEB] SB - iPhone 12 SOI /TH, Payout: $0.70, EPC: $0.06, CR: 9.2%
[MOB+WEB] Samsung S21 SOI /TW, Payout: €0.90, EPC: $0.08, CR: 7.6%
[MOB+WEB] Supermarket SOI /HK, Payout: €1.05, EPC: $0.10, CR: 8.1%
[MOB+WEB] 7-Eleven SOI /SG, Payout: $1.75, EPC: $0.09, CR: 5.4%
[MOB+WEB] Lazada SOI /MY, Payout: $0.32, EPC: $0.02, CR: 6.8%