Advanced review for Kodi Beginner


I see that you use HTTP/3 in a few spots, at-least Google does for it's requests, while the site is generally HTTP/2. I would suggest bumping it all up to HTTP/3, although I'm not sure if Nginx has added support for it yet.

Generally speaking, you might want to slim down some of these files, if possible, as they're a little bulky. And I'm not sure how feel about the blue on yellow in the header.

I have no idea what kodi is myself. But for your website its nice and clean, and easy to navigate for sure
From a glance at the blog, it seems to be some sort of device that allows you to play a wide variety of retro games from a number of different consoles. I'm not really sure beyond that though.


Feb 17, 2019
Kodi is a media player. The big plus is that it supports addons like Firefox. Piracy addons are very famous. You get to watch free TV, sports and movies through it. That is what Kodi is famous for. But as a software it is just a media player.
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