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Selling Advertise On BaysideGamers


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Jul 16, 2015
United Kingdom
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Are you looking to get your banner/advertisement published? Then you came to the right place. Bayside offers different advertisement packages that we displayed on all of our site pages. :)

Going to make it more interesting to you guys here on FP, Going to allow you to set up your own prices, what do you think it's worth, ANd how long would you like the ad to go on for.

So the fully that you get and do :)
  1. Banner MAXIMUM size of 728x90 (Industry Standard - Full Banner). You can PM if you have either sizes but might not accept
  2. How long would you want your add to go on for, plus Set your own price. Please be realism here though.
  3. Get unlimited impressions and clicks, Unlimted throughout the months that you pick.
  4. Depending on the deal and account, may able to make a thread for your site.
Comes with rules but at the end of the day, the rules are just common sense. Keep in mind that I can reject for the following
  1. No, advertise with any adult orientated forums.
  2. ads with broken links will be removed and will be contacted
  3. ou can not send out private messaging to our users or discuss in the topic.
Well, it's simple LOL. So who is interested? Let's get started then. Here to hear whatever you what and think off.
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