Affiliate Swap Guidelines

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  • In an effort to keep the Affiliate Swap forum organized, users are allowed one open thread at any given time.
  • If there are more than one open thread by the same user, all open threads will be merged into the oldest open thread. The topic starter will be notified of the merge via PM.
  • Topics that have not had a reply by the topic starter in two weeks(14 days) will be closed. Feel free to either create a new topic, or contact a Staff Member to have your thread reopened.
  • Please use the default message template when creating your thread. Filling it out completely will get you better responses.
  • You may bump your topic once every twelve hours. A "bump" is defined as a reply to your topic when you or another staff member of your site has the last reply to the topic already. Responding to feedback in your thread will not count as a bump. You may not have others reply to your topic in order to evade the bump limitation. When bumping your topic, please post some relevant information instead of just posting "Bump." Giving information will make users more interested in joining.
  • A stickied thread remains at the top of the forum section and is a great way to gain even more exposure. If you would like to purchase a sticky for your thread, please visit the Forum Promotion Shop.

If you have any questions pertaining to the Affiliate Swap forum, please contact a Staff Member.
Not open for further replies.