Age Difference in Dating/Marrying


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Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are goals. They've been happy and making it work for so long. I've always liked them and never paid attention to the age gap.
My girlfriend is 7 years younger than me and it's never been an issue. If it works, it works.
As long as the two people are above the age of 18, then age is nothing but a number after all. Let people date whoever they wish to date, as long as no one is getting hurt.


Madly Diligent
People are free to do what they want - but the teasing can become so annoying (harassment etc.) that it could lead to fights - or simply the family moving elsewhere.

Anyway, this situation seems similar to the thing with interracial marriages.


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I like the rule where you halve your age, then add seven years. So if you're 24, the youngest you should date is 19. I think this only works up to a certain age, though. Early 30s max.

My dad and step mom were 10 years apart, and the dynamic between them always felt a little weird. When they got married, she was 23 or 24, and he was 33 or 34. So emotionally, she was still a little immature while he had more life experience.

Personally, I think it's creepy when older men or women have much younger partners. What's wrong with dating within your own age pool? But if that's their prerogative, so be it; it's none of my business anyway.


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Let people love who they want to love, and marry who they want to marry. I think for me it's always going to give me that sense of "weird' at first but I mean really..they're adults, let them make adult decisions. Don't knock it till you try it! :p


Well, I don't want to judge people. This is only their choice whom they want to date. Personally I prefer having relationships with girls who are very close to my age as I think we have much more in common and similar interests. To be honest, I met one woman here several years ago, she was 15 years older than me. We had two dates and understood that all we could do together was to have fun. As I was looking for a serious relationship, I didn't see a future for us. I'm glad that I made this decision as later I met a great girl who became my wife. By the way, she is one year younger than me and we're so comfortable together.

Carlos X

I don't see age as an issue. I would date women 10 years older than me, but that's my limit. I almost got into a relationship with a woman about 10 years older than me, but proceeds to sting me. My heart was broken that day when she was dancing with someone else, and kissing them on the lips. (She led me on.) I grabbed my beer and chugged it like it was my drug. Let that feeling leave my body.

Then a few months later, I met a beautiful, smart woman who is about 10-ish years younger than I am. She has the maturity of a 30-year old. :) I have not dated her yet, but she was my boss before I left the company (because I moved to Alabama.) I still want to date her at some point. I'll close that chapter once I'm back in California.


Madly Diligent
It can be a serious problem like say, a 10 year gap of one in the 30s and another in the 40s when the looks go downhill quite a bit.


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I don't see the big deal - but the photos of Michael Douglas with a younger woman seem silly. But then again, why should what people think matter? Anyway, among non-celebrities, you see a lot of this with "mail-order" brides, something similar.
For me, age difference will not matter. The more important things is understanding and tolerance each other. Also the reactions and our emotions when we have trouble with our spouse


I think people are more accepting of the man being a lot older than the other way around. In nearly all my past relationships there has been a 10 year or more age gap (me being older) and people like to whisper about that. It shouldn't make any difference but it does seem to. A "cougar" as she is called has the reputation of trying to seduce younger men when 9 times out of 10 that is not the case. It's just two people who get on regardless of their age. I am now with a man the same age as me and for many reasons it has been so much easier. People love to judge.


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Live and let live as long as the person isn't breaking the law and being a child molester. There's a 12 year age gap between me and my girlfriend. I'm 34, she's 23. Back when I was dating, the ages I would date would be 22 to 40.


I do not see anything bad in age difference provided that the person involved is not a minor but the age shouldn't be too much. I do not like a girl of 20years old dating a man of 65 years old. The age difference must be reasonable not more than 10-15 years.