Alien Babble: The Return


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Hi, @l3ta.
For date opened I think it is mostly to have an idea of how long has it been going for. :)

I tried to check your web, but although I refreshed a few times, I could not get to load two images. It is the two objects running behind the triangular spacecraft.


I then realized that maybe the ad blocker had to do with that.
The menu elements weren't doing anything when I clicked them.
After refreshing a few times, the big logo at the very top of the portal and the right-menu became clickable

The portal is pretty interesting and full with details, it is very unique and I love the UFO being chased down by the planes (that's what they were!) in the night sky. Unfortunately, I think given the number of elements and the use of ad blocker it is possible that not as many first-time visitors are getting the experience you were hoping they would. Not very likely some would be willing to try to muck around with their settings or refresh the page to see if it is in their end. It is my understanding that there is a limit of time for the page to try to 'catch' all the elements before finishing displaying it. For returning visitors (people who refresh or have opened the page before), probably their store cache allows calling more elements each time.

I don't know much on the technical aspect on how to fix it but I would recommend taking off some elements that are no vital and look for ways to optimize the portal. Maybe there is a way to, for example, create some of the background using fewer resources. I think you could take off the circling image of the logo and just have the "Alien Babble" logo.

Past that, your forums themselves look pretty interesting. The Sleazy mode skin seems pretty compelling.
The other two seemed a lot simpler by comparison. Not necessarily a bad thing, some people with older devices will probably want to have an option that consumes a few fewer resources. So far it is looking nice. Best of luck with it!
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Oct 4, 2018
Hi Kaynil! Thank you so much for your awesome review. I may need to work on my splash page some more. May I ask which device and browser you used to visit AB? Thanks!