All major TV networks in the US have dark themes for website


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Some don't like dark themes and see them for gaming only - but all the TV networks in the US use them, minus CNN and Fox.

Well, I suppose it's due to the video showing up better - but then again, Fox and CNN don't have dark themes.

Well, are these good choices for themes?
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Jan 20, 2019
Very notable difference among these examples: CBS, NBC, and ABC's main websites are functioning as streaming services. Similarly to Netflix, they've implemented a dark theme to improve user experience (no one wants to be blinded by a light theme after watching a TV show in low light). To stream a show, sign in with your cable provider information.

CNN and Fox, on the other hand, are functioning as news websites, which is a different market with different usability concerns. Paragraphs of text, such as articles, are more readable when the text is dark and the background is light. Standard UX best practice.

So I wouldn't really lump these all in together. They're serving different purposes.