Are you conscientious of what you eat?


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I do my best to watch what I eat, although, it's not always easy. I enjoy sugary sweets and greasy meats. :bluesquareashamed: I do however take multivitamins and omega 3/6/9 each day that I can remember, and sometimes depending on how I feel I may take a Zinc or Vitamin C for immune support.

There are lots of vitamins and minerals we should provide to our bodies on a daily basis, do you take any? Which kinds, and why? Are you cautious about your diet?

I never eat junk food and always stay away from those fast foods take away places and rather like home made food. Made fresh. Every morning I take my multi-vitamin and always have fresh food fruits and veggies most days.
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Jan 20, 2019
I pretty much just eat whatever sounds good at the moment. My relationship with food is not super healthy; I focus more on flavor than nutritional value, and tend to overeat. I'm not overweight yet, but my youthful metabolism is slowing down and if I keep these bad habits up, I will definitely be overweight in the future. The trouble with habits, of course, is how difficult they can be to break.

While I love vegetables and lean protein, I love carbs, cheese, and red meat even more. And sugar...

I took a multivitamin, fish oil, and additional vitamin-D supplement when I was weightlifting daily. Since I reduced that to twice a week, I haven't been taking any supplements.


Mar 17, 2010
I kinda watch what I eat but kinda not. Like I don't eat out very much at all. I go to a fast food place maybe once a week. (And when I do it's usually because I'm at work and either forgot to make a lunch or had decided beforehand I was going to get something fast food instead.) But even then there are fast food places I will not go to... Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds are places I refuse to give money to. I'd rather go to someplace like Subway or one of the various local stores.
I tend to just go to the grocery store and buy stuff I want to eat. But therein lies the issue because I always end up with some junk food. I love snacking on chips or something in the evenings. (A normal large bag usually lasts me about a week.)

Beyond that I tend to bake most of my food in the oven (it's been like 6 months since I've had deep fried fries). With the exception of steak and pork chops which get barbecued. I do try to vary what I eat up some... So chicken some days and fish others, maybe some hamburger another day, steak here and there.
Sides also vary. Sometimes it's oven fries, sometimes it's instant potatoes, if potatoes are on sale and I have the desire then I'll make proper mashed potatoes, or any variety of pasta (I really like the tomato basil and alfredo ones).


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Dec 15, 2018
I used to eat whatever I want disregarding the quantity. But as I grew older, I realized that I can still enjoy the food by eating moderately. That means I still what I want but on a smaller quantity unlike before when I would gorge on the food. Another paradigm shift is the break that I give my stomach - at least 3 hours rest before I eat again.

I don't take any vitamins because I believe that I eat healthy food which supply me with the needed nutrients.


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I can eat what others can't due to my body shape. Nonetheless, that's not totally true! I drank too much soda once - got dehydrated and massive kidney-stones as the result! OK, that happened probably a few times!

Anyway, I went without exercising all month and my blood pressure is still low! Well, that might be due to not smoking. Anyhow, I like the way exercise makes me feel, though.


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Dec 29, 2018
Seeing your comments here made me be ashamed of myself, I eat anything that seems tasty for me, I usually don't care if it has too many fats or too much salt or sugar. I know this is not healthy for me but I cannot help it.


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I have Hashimoto's disease so there are certain foods I avoid (seafood, dairy unless it's pizza LOL, soy) and even though I do allow some sweets and junk I don't go overboard with it. I workout for 90 minutes every day and that's mostly walking or doing online videos. Normal vitamins make me sick to my stomach so I only take magnesium because it helps fight inflammation that my Hashimoto's causes.