Ask Away


Legendary Typer
Ever wanted to know anything about me? Probably not but hopefully some people have -lol-

Feel free to ask me anything and i will try and answer them all -D-


Legendary Typer
I should have said only serious questions -lol-

f199 said:
When did you become a Man U fan.
When i was really young... Can't remember what age i was -lol-

Elimanater71 said:
What is your favorite Emoticon?
I would have to say this one from this forum anyway -lol- I just find it funny and i like the eyebrows aswell when it laughs as it changes aswell.

Efc2008 said:
What is it like being compared to Pauline Fowler?
Upsetting -:(-

Murder he Wrote said:
Have you ever considered a sex change?
I will consider it if you have one -razz-


Why did you want to create Forum Promotion?

Also how long before the forum was made were you thinking of making this forum?