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Hasta La Vista, Baby
U don't have one, how come?

There were some nice teachers. But none that left an ever lasting impression on me. Then there were some teachers that were very rude, toxic, and didn't care whether I passed their class or not. I remember them all too well.

2 of those teachers broke the law, one sold narcotics and the middle school fired her. The other was my geography teacher in high school who also coached soccer, he allegedly abused some of the girls. One girl that I was friends with and she was taken out of school because of him. It cost him his job and he went to prison with a lifetime felony on his record and he's now a registered offender.

My art teacher in high school was terrible to me. No one liked her. She's also the reason why I don't draw or paint anymore. All she did was insult me. She enjoyed humiliating me in class and telling me how much my art sucked. More so, she gave me a D and said it was because she didn't want me back in her class. She and her husband are the proprietors of a Wendy's restaurant in town where I live. Honestly seeing as how she hates kids. I don't know why she teaches. She should just run the Wendy's and stay away from teaching. She's emotionally and mentally abusive to children. She should have been fired a long long time ago.
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