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Hasta La Vista, Baby
Las Vegas huh, what you going to do there?

My girlfriend has family there. An uncle. There was mention to go to a few shows and maybe partake in a bit of gambling. I don't gamble though. I always lose. Be funny if I went and won thousands of dollars. Fat chance.
and how far is the drive?

According to Google. It'd be over a 22 hour drive. It also states that it is 1,507 miles away.


Hasta La Vista, Baby
why delta and what aircraft that you be taken
It's an interesting story. I'm not sure on the model or make of the plane. BUT my girlfriend's father bought me the ticket at the time and last month I paid him back. I originally wasn't going to go. I had just thought she was going to go away with them for a week. But I think she went to her parents and begged to have me go with them. So I paid him back for the ticket and I paid her back for the hotel room she booked over there.

Have you ever flown before?
Twice to Florida and back and one other time to California with my mom, step dad, and siblings. I guess this will be my 4th and first time flying to Las Vegas.

Favourite childhood memory?
Going to Disney World with my mother and stepfather.


Hasta La Vista, Baby
climate change, what is it to you?

I do wish there was a quick solution. But I don't think there is a replacement for fossil fuels right now. One substitute that everyone thought to be effective was nuclear. But if there's a melt down that's even more harmful to the environment. Just look at Chernobyl and Fukushima.