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Hi I should be hitting 5000 interviews soon and
and one of my friend Mike Walsh has decide to
get poeple to ask me questions and about my blog/ life ect
so if you have a question you want to as me then you can email him
at I will answer all questions and it will be posted on my blog
So go on email him
I have posted 4850 interviews so far
So come and check us out


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Feb 9, 2018
This site is very inspiring for new, up-and-coming writers! I enjoyed reading the interviews thoroughly, and hope you continue to post. The questions you ask the authors are quite unique and refreshing. I've also added a few books to my "must-read" list :) thanks for sharing.
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I am getting closer to 5000`s interviews
I am posted 4952 interviews so far and many more to come
Want to know about new authors them check us out

Also if you want to ask me anything the remember to email Mike Walsh your questions which I will answer
Mikes email is