Elite Eight Battle #26: Aakash Pereira vs. Yaketys

Aakash Pereira vs. Yaketys

  • Aakash Pereira

    Votes: 7 19.4%
  • Yaketys

    Votes: 29 80.6%

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Package Team
I've cast my vote too.

These are two different projects, both full of effort and impressive in their own ways. I really like Aakash Pereira making it this far because it is something really different to what we usually see and it feels good seeing it get the recognition, some of the projects are for members and projects we've seen being promoted in this community and this speaks volumes. I like Yaketys as a forum because it has a very inviting atmosphere. I think that having both sites making it to the elite eight is something not to be minimized.
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