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Jul 16, 2015
United Kingdom
Hello everyone.

BaysideGamers recently had an new theme chnage that's still in beta. No idea if I would use the theme as my main or second. But some options that was on the dark theme that I had can be moved over to the light! that being said I always like to keep my site clean and easy to get around.

From the footer you can select the theme, "Bayside Magnum" and new "multipur" LIght theme that's set now.

MOVING ON, Other then the theme main reasons that I'm posting to hear your ideas and suggestions to improve the site or maybe what plugins that you guys like to see and whatnot. I thought about added an discord integration that offers allot of options.
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I like the In-Development Theme that's going on right now. What makes it even better is that it's Light and not Dark :D

But I'd suggest changing up the Menu-Buttons. I'd say to go for a more, Squarish-Look instead of the current look for them. I'd also suggest changing the Red-Text on the Welcome Sign to something that is a bit more brighter. It just doesn't look right.