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Update with new addon to the community of baysideGamers :)

This will make our website to grow (hopefully) there is an APB clan that has over 80 members and there admin came to me to help out since they only have an server with no boards or whatnot. So that's how collaboration started.

It's mini community based on baysideGamers for anyone that owns an gaming clan or twitch. Any members can go ahead and join this simple clan http://www.baysidegamers.com/gc/1-support-and-preview-community/ :)

I'm still putting the system in place :)
Good evening guys, Just an update all that anyone wants to build there own based community then you can with baysidegamers.

Visit http://www.baysidegamers.com/collaboration/ And read more about it You can have your own system from gallery and whatnot