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Valued Contributor
Jul 16, 2015
United Kingdom
So what can we tell you about ourselves? A group of like minded game enthusiasts, just like you. We are an modding community of the GTA and ETS2 series. We promise to provide the very best resources, Information on the best forum, and provide an awesome community for any gamers to utilize.

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You know that your competing with some of the top dogs like se7ensins and thetechgame but nonetheless you have lots of potential if you keep at it. It's a harder genre to get going so the amount of posts you have now goes to show that you really have so far done well for yourself. Great work
I'm always been aware with those site's even with sites like lcpdfr, it's not easy with an gaming site since there are so many of them out there. Bayside might have two new system coming, an Discord and steam integration.

did come across 1 minor theme issue on the 2 factor auth when trying to change password,
Haven't had an error with that but might be something regards not typing in the right wards lol