Benefits of a Node.js Server


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Jun 25, 2009
What do you all think about Node.js servers? They are becoming more and more common with many reputable companies building Node.js servers for scaling up and more fluent JS development. I think they should be taken much more seriously and more web software should be build on it. The benefit of being able to program the server side AND the client side in JavaScript is a huge benefit for development. It simplifies the time required to build the entire project & can often be much more reliable than maintaining a few different sets of code - often developed by two different coders at various times. Even with the time saving, Node.js has a lot of great benefits on its own.

Node.js can communicate quickly with web pages and users, powered by databases or files. Accessing data is generally quite rapid with Node.js servers. Knowledge of SQL querying and JavaScript is enough to get started with a Node.js server. You can program apps that run on command line or through website scripts. Many people use Node.js for complicated services like messaging or chatrooms, high frequency data changing/analyzing, and even gaming. This is because of how data can be freely transferred back and forth without page refreshes or changes like with a basic PHP site. It's a lot more efficient and streamlined than JS-ajax programming is to connect to a backend.


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Dec 27, 2018
I think for some applications node.js servers are good enough. However in some context you may want to try out other languages which are lot more quicker and also have more scaling capacity on the server side. I do think that typical mobile apps and the low traffic dashboards and apps can easily be hosted with the nodejs frameworks and server.