Bitcoin Giveaway Scams! Beware and please read this...


Package Team
Package Team
Jun 15, 2020
I feel like I need to post this everywhere possible because it's quite an issue and unsuspecting people may fall for it. These appear everywhere and the losses are quite huge because we are dealing with Bitcoin here...
So, I've seen some of these for the last few weeks but decided to make this after I got one on YouTube again. These type of scams are mainly on YouTube in the form of livestream.
They usually impersonate someone famous/well-known such as Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos through a video of them in an old conference or interview being played in the livestream to give the false idea of them speaking in real-time and relating to the "giveaway". It is usually titled "Bitcoin giveaway or Bitcoin exchange". These livestreams usually make it to the front of people's YouTube page because bots are used to increase subscriber counts and views to create false authenticity. YouTube does take them down after a while but it's still too long...
To lure victims further, there may also be a message talking about the "deep economic crisis" in particular due to Coronavirus at this period of time or something along the lines of an how everything is currently unstable and that cryptocurrency is much safer.
It will then offer a "back-bonus system" where you send Bitcoin and they send you back double what you put in and some bonus. Here is an example:

So hopefully you guys will be aware of these "livestreams" and their nature. It is actually quite sophisticated due to the great lengths they go through. Hopefully this will save someone losing out to such a scam :)