Buffets and Restaurants

Joshua Farrell

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Nov 9, 2009
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Let's keep this topic focused on buffets and restaurants. ;)

--You can eat as much as you want whenever you'd like, as soon as the waiter shows you your table, its munching time!
--With a buffet, you can surely know that you will be leaving the place will a full stomach, a stomach filled with delicious foods that you picked on your own according to your taste buds.
--If you you don't like a particular food you do not have to take it as opposed to a restaurant. You can try new things, instead of just having one focused meal like a restaurant.
--You can leave the place whenever you'd like to.
--As for a tip, don't feel bad if you tip low because in a buffet, the waiters hardly serve you!

--For all you lazy people out there, you can have a waiter serve on you hand and foot.
--Yes, in a restaurant you do have to wait for your food but hey at least it gives you time to feel hungry and then enjoy a decent meal when it arrives.
--Yes you get one plate of food as your main course, but hey it does give you a chance to judge the food and the restaurant based on that one dish and whats on the menu.
--You do tip a lot but hey...be nice :)
---You can relax and view the decor ;)

If you were on a special occasion or just hungry and want to get out the house and you had these two choices, where would you go.

Also, if you'd like to share some of your dining experiences with us or tell us about some good places then that's cool too.


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Feb 10, 2019
We visit a buffet maybe once every couple of years and the reason we don't go more often is because we definitely overeat just to get our money's worth! I go back for 3 desserts which is sooo bad.

So we end up going to restaurants and we prefer the Mom and Pop types over chains. We moved to the area we live now about 6 years ago and since then we try to go out to eat once a month and I like discovering new places to try and what's surprising is my husband is eager to try new places too. When we lived elsewhere we just went to the same old same old places and rarely to sit down restaurants...we brought food home to eat. So this has been nice.