Bump threads without replying


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I can't remember if this was discussed before, but is there a way to bump threads without having to reply to them?

Some forums software have a button to bump the thread, but I can't seem to see any option like that on here. Does this exist?


Community Team Member
Community Team
Why to that have feature? Someone can easily bump thread by replying in the thread. Total post count also increases. Lol
It is likely just for people to still bump it without replying if they don't have any update or changes that happened but still want to keep it on the main page.


The Lämminator
I'm really not for this type of thing but that's because it doesn't really give a benefit to the site as much as an actual post with information would. Even if the owner thinks there is nothing to report about the site...that means that he hasn't carefully thought about it and needs to come up with more creative ways.