Caption This! October, 2021


The Lämminator

Submit your Caption This! in this thread for the image below and you could win 250 FP$!​

Here are the rules:
* Once you have made your caption you cannot make any changes to it. You may post multiple captions in separate posts!
* Post any reaction for the one(s) you like most! You can vote more than once. Tie will be determined by a new vote.
* Submit your Caption by Sunday, October 24 11:59PM EST and voting takes place as soon as the first caption is posted. Remember you can give a reaction more than once and even negative reactions will count in favor of that post!
* Staff reserves the right to remove any offensive captions.
* Winner to be announced around Monday, October 25 if a tie breaker is not needed. In case of a tie, a new thread with the tied captions will be posted for voting and a new completion date will be announced.

Caption This!


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