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Change ONE letter


Dec 12, 2016
Dayton, Ohio
Here's a game I thought up of. So, take the word from the most recent post in this thread and change ONE letter to make a new, real English word. Acceptable changes include one of the following:
  • Adding one letter to make a new word
  • Removing one letter to make a new word
  • Changing one letter to make a new word
  • Note: Moving a letter is NOT an acceptable change (it would technically count as changing two+ letters, which the rule is change only one letter)
Oh, and do not duplicate any words already used in this thread if at all possible ^^.


Let's say the word is dog. Here are some possible things you can do in your reply:
  • Adding one letter: Dong, etc.
  • Removing one letter: Do, etc.
  • Changing one letter: log, fog, nog, dug, dig, dot, etc.

Starting word: