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Discussion in 'Community Matters' started by Daniel, Jan 29, 2019.

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    It is good to see changes being made. :)

    I don't agree with increasing the prices. I did a lot of package deductions when I was PTL and I noticed a large percentage of people requesting packages were from users with little FP$, often barely enough for the package, and sometimes they didn't even have enough for the package by the time I got around to deductions. The people who have a large amount of FP$ are the people who don't use it, so increasing prices will do little to reduce FP$ in circulation.

    The post requirement is an interesting idea. As Kaynil mentioned, it's important to keep it simple, or members won't follow it and PTMs won't enforce it accurately.

    I think bringing back the Kappa package is a great idea if you have the resources to complete them. It was popular before but had to be discontinued because we were unable to complete them in a reasonable amount of time. If you have a team now that can handle it, it would be great to see it back.

    @Daniel it is great to see you working to improve the package service and getting feedback from the community. You are doing a great job as PTL. :)
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