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Your site seems to load over 600 images in 35 seconds. Many of which seem to be duplicates of each other. And it uses HTTP/1.1 instead of HTTP/2 which is better at transferring a large number of tiny files.

You could also use some sort of CDN like Cloudflare to locate assets closer to the user to help speed up page loads.

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The layout is really nice, sleek and modern. I love how it's made with VBulletin. Great work. Nothing to really criticize about. Just keep on growing and improving.
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Community Team
Basic theme. Thought about what themes you site would have for the future
Most of our members are older so they aren't interested in anything too different. They are used to the old vbulletin look that we had on another forum where most of them come from. We've given them darker options and different colored styles as well but most just use the default one.
I like the vibes of this forum. Everyone is welcoming and it's a warm community.
I'm not a fan of the plain look, but it's nice. Great logo.
Thanks! Have you seen the other themes we have available? They're in the lower left hand corner.
Ah! No, I haven't checked those out. I will definitely do that today because I'm curious.