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Jul 9, 2012
United States
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In case I haven't had the chance to meet you, my name Chris aka Netscaux. I am a copyrighter and web designer. I have an exciting business venture underway. In order to fund this project, I need the very thing that makes the world go round: that thing is money. I am willing to lend my skills and expertise at reasonable prices.
What Type of Work Do You Want?

Primarily, I am looking for employment on forums and blogs. If you have something different in mind, I will hear you out with an open mind. I am looking for the following positions:


  • Package Team Manager
  • Administrator
  • Lead Editor/Editor
  • Part-time Writer/Guest Writer

Pricing and Payment

The charge for my services depends on what is being asked of me. My services can be retained on a payment plan. Some services will have a one time charge for those who are not good with commitment (pun intended).

Why Should I Hire You?

I am a hyperactive person who strives to give his very best performance in any task assigned to him. Quality work is my pride and joy. I know that the dedication and drive that I have is what site owners are looking for in their staff. In essence, I am saving you time and effort by presenting you with what you need.

Let's Get It Started In Here

There are a few details I need from you so we can begin a wonderful relationship.

Website Name :
Website Address:
What position would you like to hire me for? :
How long would my services be retained for?:
Additional Information:
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