Cloudflare for WordPress


Up-and-Coming Sensation
Jan 20, 2019
Has anyone used Cloudflare with WordPress before?

I set up a WordPress site for a client over the weekend and although the password is very secure (24 random characters), I've been getting about one email every ten minutes from Sucuri warning me about failed logins. Some bot is trying to brute force its way in and is using a different IP every time, so the Limit Login Attempts plugin can't stop it (based on IP) :confused:

I need a Web Application Firewall. Sucuri has one, but it's about the same price per month as Cloudflare, and Cloudflare seems like a better service since it also comes with a CDN.

If anyone has experience with this, I'd like to know your suggestions/recommendations.


You should look into other plugins that helps with securing your blog. There are plenty to choose from, but make sure to check feedback and reviews on the ones you are looking to use. The free plugins should be enough to stop the login brute force scripts.