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Site Name: CoD Forums - Call of Duty Forums
Date Opened: June 15, 2009
Review Requested (Quick/Advanced): Free Review Week Shenanigans
Notes: CODForums is the oldest Call of Duty Forum in existence. No one has the rich history that's behind CODForums. No one. Created in 2003, in anticipation of Activision's Call of Duty. However, has been through many iterations. My iteration of CODForums is about the 5th iteration. I became administrator of in 2009, then acquired the site early 2011. It was my most riskiest, my biggest accomplishment, and I am still proud of it. I merged 4 websites into COD Forums in 2016:

1st one was -
2nd one was -
3rd one was -
4th one was -

CODForums is not only the oldest Call of Duty Forum in the world, it's also [one of] the highest ranking Call of Duty Forums in the world today.

This year's Call of Duty was Black Ops 4...



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I'm The Captain Now
Official Review of «»
by «Ajay»

First Impressions:
Okay, so out of the other forums i've reviewed that are owned by yours, this is by far my favorite. The look is perfect for this type of forum, don't change a thing.


Design Quality:
The design on this forum is very good, and fits perfectly with the niche. Everything about it, from the background to the whole color scheme perfectly fits in with the content. I can say from personal experience, this is not easy to pull off, so great job!


Site Structure:
Structure is pretty average for a gaming forum. There's nothing unique about it but it gets the job done. It still does look similar to some of your other sites.


There aren't many forums based on Call of Duty, and more so ones that have such a good domain name as you do here. The forum looks original, because it's based completely off of the niche.


Activity Level:
Activity is low for this forum. Even though it's been around for awhile, and it's gone through various phases, i'd still expect a somewhat decent turnout because of the name and the Call of Duty Series.


The thing I liked the best: Name, Look, Niche. All unique.
The thing I liked the least: Activity. I think this needs to be worked on. Needs to gain more members. How are you currently advertising?

Overall Mark:
Still a great start for a forum of this name. I think you'll get a decent crowd eventually.