Codoforum v.4.8.4 and what's planned for the future


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Jul 1, 2014

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What is Codoforum?
Codoforum is a modern forum software with an aim to improve user experience and engagement.

What is it again?

It has been close to 6 years now since I last posted on this forum, The first few announcements were made here and my first introductory post was in 2014:

The forum software has changed and evolved in a lot of ways, many people have worked on it and contributed to it.
We plan to keep building it, evolving it and hope to be the foundation for your next community.

What did not go well for us?

  • The looks! The forum is different, looks different and feels different, The idea was never to be just another forum, there are thousands of them already. This idea of ours to do it better but differently bit us badly as people were inclined to more PHPBB style forums. We could have approached this better.

What went well for us?

  • The architecture we chose worked well for us, There were no major re-writes and performs well overall.
  • We were able to maintain strong backwards compatibility (A plugin written for v1 still works in v4)
  • We recently started generating revenue mainly from businesses and people who want to create communities that stand out from the crowd and create an impression. It was hard to generate revenue as the forum is mostly free, we put in our own time and money even when the product made no sales for months together as the product was more than a business for us.
  • Our bet on mobile first interface was spot on.
What about the future?

Apart from all the technical improvements, At the time of writing this, most forum based communities are losing their user base to walled gardens like Facebook and WhatsApp where you own nothing, neither the users nor the content, forget the revenue, we want to try and put a stop to that. We are researching on ways and means to attract and retain users (Any feedback or suggestions here will be a great help).
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Jul 2, 2019
I wanted to use this software was just wondering if it can install