Community Conversation #2 Recap


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May 11, 2010
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Howdy guys,

As you know, we had our Community Conversation on April 17th at 8 PM EST. We constantly had people coming and going in the chat (looking at you @Thomasss), but I will say that it was a successful event. We weren't necessarily productive the entire time, but we were able to relax and chat with each other and be a community. We had different conversations going on from as early as 8 PM and going all the way until almost 2:00 AM, if I remember correctly. We were going for nearly five hours. The length of time was good because it allowed some of our members from other time zones like @Bizdustry to jump on at different points.

I'll go ahead and list of the people that I remember being there at different times.
  1. @Cam!
  2. @Lämmchen
  3. @ChrisGrigg
  4. @Malcolm
  5. @Cumulus
  7. @Joshua Farrell
  8. @Gio
  9. @Matthew
  10. @Thomasss
I don't think I missed anyone, but who knows?

I'll go ahead and touch on a few things that we discussed:
  • First, we gave everyone a chance to speak and share any personal life updates that they had. Our last Community Conversation occurred back in March of last year when COVID was first ramping up, so there was definitely a lot to discuss. Some of us got new jobs, some of us got married, some of us got rich off Dogecoin, etc.
  • Then we allowed our future millionaire to provide an update on where he expects Dogecoin to be in the future. He actually convinced a couple of us to buy Dogecoin, which has been a good investment so far, mind you.
  • We also discussed the importance of getting the vaccine whenever you are eligible to do so. COVID isn't a joke, and isn't going away anytime soon. If you are eligible to get it, go out and get it. We want all of our members of this community to live long and happy lives, and getting vaccinated is a no brainer in that regard.
Now we'll dive into topics specific to FP:
  • @Lämmchen discussed the implementation of something that we would call "Member Appreciation Week." During this week, we would do different things each day to show appreciation to our registered users, and we could do this during the same week each year. We would also have discussions taking place specific to you guys, whether it's an area for personal life updates, or things like that.
  • We discussed updating our Premium set up. Currently, we have an outdated "Forum Sponsor" group that hasn't been updated in a number of years. We made the decision to trash the topic where the benefits for that are listed, and completely redo the set up. We're thinking of moving away from "Forum Sponsor" and going with "Premium," and then having three different tiers of Premium. I wrote down Alpha, Beta, and Gamma as the names of them, copying the post package names we had many years ago. That's certainly up for discussion.
  • @Cumulus shared his plans for the Marketing Team going forward, and what he would like his team to focus on now that Site Battle Madness has come to a close. For one, we will be launching a social media service, where we will have #FollowerFriday tweets each week. This is where you'll be able to spend your FP$ and get promoted on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • We also discussed streamlining our directory add-on, which is something @Malcolm will hopefully get figured out. Right now, we have users that are able to post in the directory add-on, but not in the Promotion Directory forum. And vice versa. Somehow we need these two things to be integrated. When a member creates a listing in our directory add-on, a Promotion Directory advertisement topic needs to automatically be created, and members shouldn't be able to list an advertisement in our directory add-on without meeting our post requirements that we have for our Promotion Directory forum.
  • Finally, we discussed @Lämmchen's recent promotion to the Administrator role, and our plans for filling the roles of Community Team Leader and Package Team Leader. With that in mind, we made the decision to promote @Gio to the PTL position. We also reached the decision on who are CTL will be, but we are holding off on making that change at the moment.
Anyways, this was typed up very quickly since I'm also trying to get ready for work. For everyone who participated, feel free to share if I missed anything that we talked about. We definitely need to get in the habit of hosting these events more often, and at different time zones. These chats are always so much fun. As always, thank you for your continued support of FP. :)



The Lämminator
Feb 10, 2019
If I had known we would were going to be up so late I would have taken a nap. HAHA. It was great hearing and chatting (with those who couldn't do voice) with everyone who popped on. Let's do it again soon.


Jul 9, 2009
South Carolina
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I see that I was the subject to at least two of those bullet points.

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