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You have many boards that could be combined, as they're basically duplicates. The Shutterstock watermarked image isn't a very warm welcome to a community meant to be taken seriously enough to acquire news from. You seem to be just sharing video links rather than actually producing news yourself, I believe people would want genuine, factual, and professionally relayed information if they were to stick around for the latest news from here, considering the millions of other sources. I would try to be unique and tighten things up a little, it's a bit scattered now IMO. Best of luck!


Feb 13, 2019
A really cool idea.
I don't think the banner fits and the text on top of the banner fits though.
The layout is super nice. :)


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Hi, Web2019.

Your community looks a bit on the plain side.

The blue logo idea on itself is pretty nice but I think it is clatching with the current background image in the header. The blue is too dark for a dark gray background and the chip texture makes it clash visually with the background full of icons. You need your logo to stand out. I don't know what would be easier for you: to change the header background or changing the icon, but you probably would need to alter one of them. Your current logo can work if it has a lighter background that is not competing for attention with its pattern. If you think altering the logo and leaving the current dark background with the icons as a pattern is simpler, then I'd recommend you first try to make the logo on a lighter color.

I definitely prefer to see at least one thread in each section than nothing, but as the day passes since you created it will start looking less compelling, you are going to need to add a few new threads to make it look attractive. Some people might lurk before joining and you have to give the impression that you care for your community and are not going to give it up within a month. There is a big difference between the number of threads in sport to the ones in any other section. You definitely could do with making a thread for the section "house" since that one is empty and is the very first section people will see.

So what moved you to create it?
Are you planning to keep working on it?


Fairly nice theme, although there seems to be a lot of empty space, particularly on the left half of the forum bits.

If possible, you might want to use HTTPS, so you don't get a big red "Not Secure" i the URL Bar. I don't know if this is doable with Forumotion.
And the header seems to be broken or something? It kinda has this image crammed into a bit of text.
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