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Community of the Month #47 - Voting


May 11, 2010
Nashville, TN
Pokemon Master
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Contest Information

Community of the Month is a monthly contest where members can vote on whose website or forum most deserves recognition.

Voting Rules
  • You must have made at least 15 posts on FP within the past three months to vote in CoTM.
  • You may only vote for one of the sites listed below (which were submitted in the first half of this month).
  • You may not vote for a site that you submitted to CoTM.
  • You may not vote for a site you are an administrator on.
  • You may not ask others to vote for a site you own, or are an administrator on.
  • You may not create duplicate accounts, or use others' accounts, to vote for a site.
  • Any other tactic to gain additional votes may result in the votes being discounted, and/or further action.
Contest Prizes
  • Advertisements: The winning site will be featured on the Community Billboard for one month.
  • Sticky: Your Promotion Directory topic will be stickied for one month.
  • Free Service: You will receive one free service of your choice on FP.
Submissions to this Month's Contest

Site Name: Umbrella Online
Site Link: https://umbrella-online.co.uk/

Site Name: Off-Topic Hub
Site Link: https://offtopichub.net

Site Name: WWE Forums
Site Link: https://wweforums.net/

Site Name: Admin Tech
Site Link: https://admintech.flarum.cloud/

Site Name: The Fireside Chats
Site Link: https://firesidechats.home.blog/

Site Name: The Admin Connection
Site Link: https://adminconnection.forumotion.com/

Site Name: baysidegamers
Site Link: www.baysidegamers.com

Site Name: Kodi Beginner
Site Link: https://kodibeginner.com

Site Name: 2 Hours Until Closing Time
Site Link: https://2hoursuntilclosing.boards.net/

Site Name: DestroyRepeat
Site Link: https://destroyrepeat.com

Site Name: CODForums
Site Link: https://www.codforums.com

Site Name: PS5Daily
Site Link: https://ps5daily.com

Site Name: PS5Forum
Site Link: https://ps5forum.com

Site Name: SwitchForum
Site Link: https://www.switchforum.com

Site Name: The Division Forums
Site Link: https://thedivisionforums.com

Site Name: BudgetRoot
Site Link: https://budgetroot.com/

Site Name: Revillution - Your Portal to Entertainment
Site Link: https://www.revillution.net

Site Name: REusers
Site Link: https://reusers.to/

Site Name: SEO Raffle
Site Link: https://seoraffle.com

Site Name: VGR Forum
Site Link: https://www.vgr.com/forum/

Site Name: Uncrowned Addiction
Site Link: https://uncrownedaddiction.com/

Site Name: Crafter Craze
Site Link: https://www.craftercraze.com/

Vote for your favorite site!

To vote, reply to this topic with the name of the site you're voting for! Votes will be accepted until 5:00 PM US Central Time (11:00 PM GMT) on the first day of next month.
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Up-and-Coming Sensation
Mar 16, 2019
I vote for SEO raffle as well. Good luck guys.