COMPLETELY Free Alternative for Forum Owners


You have a few completely free alternatives to running a forum such as forumotion and what not. However, they tend to have ads everywhere and lack in a lot of features. This software is completely free, you get a vanity url for free, and it has Forums, Live chat, Announcements, Blogs, Calendars with RSVP features, and more! On top of dedicated free promotion as well. You can even make it so people have to fill out an application prior to joining your forum if you'd like them to answer questions and such, similar to how facebook groups does theirs.


Guilded.GG - Guilded, I'd like to first mention I'm in no way shape or form a developer of the program, or promoting this for any self gain. This is simply to inform everyone that there's an alternative. I opened up a webmaster server on there /webmaster and a few people were saying how this would be an amazing alternative to forum owning so I'm going to go through and explain why that is.

Guilded is a 100% free software that offers chat rooms, documents, media uploading, voice chat, live streams, forums, announcements, calendars, and groups which acts as separate servers inside of one large server. They have a built in leveling system, Self assign roles, auto level assign roles, and manual assign roles, as well as self made bots. This means you can do practically everything you'd ever need to do for a forum. On top of that, if you notice the globe icons next to everything, those are public sections. You can turn your entire server into a public server which means google can crawl your server, you're able to build back links for your vanity url, as well as rank high on google.

The reason why I think this is one of the best is the fact that you already start with a HIGH URL Rating and Domain Rating, meaning you'll instantly start ranking higher on keywords the moment they start to show up.


This is your natural URL Rating and DR without any backlinks.


This is it after just 39 backlinks. It increases it significantly the moment you get any backlinks making it that much more beneficial to getting top on google!

On top of all of that, once you join guilded you can join any server, meaning if multiple people have forums on guilded there's no need for them to make multiple accounts, making the chances of someone joining your forum significantly more likely!

If you need any help making a server, or want to see a good example feel free to join as I made that for webmasters to help them out with everything.


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Yeah, it's discord if they listened to their community from the beginning. It's a really great software, the devs listen and talk with everyone. @Smokey uses it as lot as well so he can give some more information on it too!
I’ve linked it with my xenforo website I’m using as a support thing for my users but I can agree it’s really powerful and I like it




I'm sure it could work great for gaming communities where the admins don't want to spend money and time on a proper forum and webhosting. But for other users and genres? Nah, I don't think so. And it's a definitive no from me because I can't host it myself and I guess it is impossible to migrate this over to another forum software.
Well, the reason it's impossible to migrate it over from another forum software is because, it's not forum software. :p