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Feedback CotM and Forum Redirect

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Joshua Farrell

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I know that when I was running the CotM, I would forget to put up new threads and tally the winners of the CotM on the first day, but it is now 8 days past the first of the month for the CotM, and 3 days past the Redirect Auction date. Could we be updated on who won with valid bids and votes, and get the new submission thread up?


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I apologize for the delay. I've updated COTM and the Forum Index Auction topic. @Empire was our winner of COTM, and his forum has been added to our Community Billboards. @Joshua Farrell was our winner of the Forum Index Redirect Auction with a bid of 1,100 FP$, and I've sent you a PM in regards to what you wish to promote in this spot.
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