Daily Exchange

Hey @Demon_skeith I've seen you around Joyfreaks site quite a bit. Would you want to start out with a one-time 20/20 posts on my general discussion site mind piff and then see where that goes. As for any exchanges going on after I may be interested in doing a certain amount every couple weeks to a month but would request for you to contact me on discord for anything beyond the first exchange.

My discord: B-rad#8952
My site: https://www.mindpiff.com

I request on going first and I won't start until we've spoken or you've given me the okay (hopefully via discord would work better). Feel free to let me know whether you accept and get in touch with me on discord and when you've done-so I will start posting on Gaming Latest.

I've sent a discord request to chat on this further :)


I've sent a discord request to chat on this further :)

Hey @Demon_skeith I have finished up the 20 posts we agree'd on just now on your site. I made sure they were extra good quality and I did not count my introduction towards the 20 so I have 21 posts. Let me know when you finish up mine. We will stay in contact on discord in the coming days and possibly do this every so often if you'd like. Thank you for your help.

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Hi Demon. Are we still OK for daily exchanges? Waiting for you :D