Different Staff Ranks and Their Roles

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Today I will be writing a article explaining each Staff Rank and its' role, like what each staff job has to do on various forums. I will be focusing more on the type of staff jobs you see at Forum Promotion, than other types of forums, like Gaming, General forum etc. Also take this as a guide on what is a staff rank; if you don't know what it now, you will know once you finish this article.

So what is staff on forums? It is someone who has authority over a specific area of the forum, and is a member of the forum in charge of making the forum run smoothly.

- These users are in charge of the forum as whole. They are the forum staff that make rules, and those who give new idea's to the moderators. They are in charge of the moderators, in the fact that they give them new tasks that help them moderate the forum better. The Administrators also are those who adds new plugins to the forum, and anything else that the forum needs.

Moderators - These members are like the Administrators, but are in charge of enforcing rules. Let's say there is spam or a troll, you can report these people or spam items to these staff members, they will handle it. They also make new rules in conjunction with the Administrators. they are like the forum police, they delete spam and ban bad users.

Reviewers - Promotion sites have reviewers, but not many of them are left. These users are in charge of reviewing other websites and forums, and will give their feedback on it. Think of them as critics, since that is what they do in regards to reviewing forums and websites.

Package Team Members - These users are in charge of posting posts and topics on other members forums, as requested by the members of the forum.

Retired Admins - What more can I say? These users are retired administrators of the forum. These were the members who shaped the site to where it is today.

That is all thanks for reading I kinda missed a few please let me know.
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Would be good if you didn't created based of FP. On each different website there are different names and rolls, Be cool to have an blog that goes thought everything other then what FP has based it off you know
I was trying to think of other forum roles but i couldn't think of anything else at that time only FP