Diplomatic Immunity


As one might expect, staff will usually have higher than normal privileges than regular users on a lot of sites, however this often also means that staff can get away with a lots of things that a normal user would never be able to.

For instance, they might be more prone to derailing threads, insulting users, really provoking the user-base when they really shouldn't, etc. just because they have a fancy badge and they will almost always get a higher level of tolerance than any regular user might and punishments may diminished to a mere demotion or firing even for the most objectionable things.

I have been on teams which have banned mods and admins in addition to dismissing them when they have been particularly problematic, although it is easy to fall down the trap of just turning a blind eye to transgressions and I've seen that many times.


Community Team
Feb 10, 2019
Staff should follow rules of the site but there are exceptions and those exceptions are when staff is trying to help the board. For example, a staffer might call out a trouble maker within a thread to get the thread on topic. It might come across as rude or as a derailment but it will help the site in the end.

Sites should have guidelines and behavior manuals in place if at all possible, otherwise staff might not know what's really expected of them. Of course there are the power hungry who think their titles can allow them any rights and those are the dangerous staffers.

Marie 1988 Forum

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Sep 1, 2016
I don't remember ever having a problem with anybody I've hired over the years..maybe had to dish out a warning or two and remind the offending staff of the forum rules, but I don't remember it getting worse than that though