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Few know that i started a free directory site and closed it in a short interval. But i am thinking of taking up the project again. Do directories considered a good backlink for websites? I read directory listing doesn't improve or help in Google indexing and traffic.

What do you think? Is starting a directory website a good one, or better stay away?


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Feb 7, 2014
Florida, United States
Personally, I don't like the idea of directory sites. If I'm looking for a particular website, I'll look up a keyword on google followed by "website". If I'm looking for a forum, I usually go to the community forums of major forum platforms and I'll go through their forum directory, along with looking with through ForumPromotion as well.


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Jun 25, 2009
We ( built a business directory site for a customer, but it was more like a business network rather than just a directory. Each business had a public listing page, but they could upgrade to a premium listing page with reviews, contact forms, and more. They also had business-to-business communications, and they could purchase services from our client such as mailing list management, business card services, consulting, and more. I do not think that creating a digital directory for websites or businesses is a great idea these days. Most of the time directories *can* be useful if you have an existing user base or community, but other than that they are not great for SEO or bringing in traffic. At best you may end up showing up much like YellowPages or Yelp, but those are more like business networks than directories these days too (because of their service offerings, reviews, etc).

I personally would not invest too much money or time into it unless the directory served a very specific purpose or focused on a niche that isn't around on the web too much. For example, a micro-managed listing page of the best doctors in your area would probably rank higher on Google & be more useful than a directory that automatically finds professionals and businesses with a web crawler (which is what we did for our client - his company would then call businesses every day pitching services and listing upgrades).