Do you have an advertising section?

I've created a new Promotion Forum List thread and we're taking submissions in here! Do you offer an advertising section on your website? If so I want to list it in the mentioned thread.

Please be sure to check the thread before submitting your URL. Chances are if you're not new here, your site is already listed.

Editing the following saves us time. ;)
[*][URL='']Your Site[/URL]
Another preference: Sites that offer an advertising section for EVERYONE(within reason) rather than offering advertising for specific types of sites. IE: Traveling sites only, photography blogs only, etc.
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I don't have an advertising sections on my forum, however, members who are V.I.P.'s can advertise in their signature.
Thank you, but we're just looking for sites with a section dedicated to member advertisements for now.
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I'm sorry but Forum Promotion doesn't allow the advertising of black hat sites.
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I do not have a forum, however, I have a user generated content site where the registered users can publish articles and earn from published articles. I am accepting advertising on the site.
Rational Mind: Get Paid to Write Articles
Thank you for submitting. I'll review the site later on and let you know if it was added or not.
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I just have a tiny little advertisement area. Well, not just for sites, but for whatever people want to show off.
Thank you but this is for sites that have a page where our members can advertise their sites.
Your site has been added!
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Ad systems are fun to set up on forums. However, though, a lot of visitors don't like them! In fact, there is the large phenomenon of ad blockers recently! In that case, I would choose to use Patreon donations, a classifieds section, or a premium member's area to make money. Of course, you could also make the ads "ad-block" proof by making them links - but that would lower the visual appeal of the ad I think.
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