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Do You Think Anything Will Replace Google Search In The Future?


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Do you think anything will ever be written that will replace Google as the worlds leading search engine?

What about its leading competitors like Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo, will one of them replace Google?

Or will it never happen, why? What is your opinion?


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I think it's too readily associated with the act of searching now to ever properly be replaced. I haven't used it in years, preferring DuckDuckGo over it, but it has essentially become the new age verb for searching, so if it's that ingrained in the internet, it seems unlikely it'll ever be knocked off of the top spot.


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I have to agree with @PGen98. Google is used as a general term. I too prefer DDG as they keep your information private. I hope, even if Google doesn't get replaced, that other ones would give them a good run for their money.
Agreed, I hope that in time others will rival it, because the more the internet centralizes, the worse it becomes (IMO)!


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I think Siri and Alexa are starting to replace Google at least, with general questions that we would normally "Google."

However, I don't feel like Google will ever become obsolete. They offer a great service not just with emails, hosting, etc but access to relevant information of whatever it is that you're researching.


It was funny as the other idea I was reading up people use Bing to search for ‘google’. I am guessing this is because they use Microsoft edge and Microsoft owns bing and they configure it as default value in their browser, right? Well in answer to your question, no as nothing lasts forever in this world. Remember when Netscape was the singing and dancing way of browsing? Things have changed now