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Domain Name SaaS


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I'm looking to start up a software as a service (SaaS) type of business that is targeted at people who buy and sell domain names. Right now, I'm looking at the current providers of marketplaces where people are able to list and sell their domains. They take HUGE commissions. Sometimes up to even 30-35% of a sale. This is understandable when the marketplace is able to market your domain to potential buyers. However, not the case when you are the one doing the work in trying to acquire leads.

I'm going to be starting a website that will allow users to create a "marketplace" of their very own to showcase their domain portfolio.
Here is the gist:
- Domain Portfolio: List an unlimited number of domains to showcase to potential buyers.
- Sell Your Domains: Go directly to potential buyers without having to pay the huge commissions to third parties.
- Rent/Lease: Buyers unable to pay huge upfront costs? You can enable a "lease" option on a per domain basis that has he buyers pay monthly payments.
- Landing Pages: Choose from multiple custom landing pages for your domains.
- White Label: Your own branding & analytics
- Multiple payment methods: Accept offers with PayPal, Escrow.com, stripe, and be able to accept bank wire transfers,
- Inquiry inbox: Receive unlimited inquiries for domains directly into your inbox.
- Multiple users: Allow others to help moderate your domain portfolio

Are there any other features I should implement? What I really need help with is coming up with a decent brandable domain.