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FP aims to provide a safe and friendly environment for member-to-member exchanges. This includes post exchanges, FP$ exchanges, and buying/selling goods in the marketplace. The Exchange Policy is a guide for reporting issues that come up during an exchange, and a tool for understanding how the FP staff work to resolve these disputes.

Good-Faith Guidelines

When doing exchanges, it's important to participate in good faith.
  • Be honest. If you have a busy schedule, let your partner know.
  • Do your part. If you agree to do something, then do it.
  • Be timely. Try to complete exchanges on time. Don't keep partners waiting.
  • Don't over-book. Only agree to do exchanges that you have time to complete.
  • Wait for confirmation. Make sure that your partner has agreed to the terms before starting.
  • Communicate: if issues arise, let your partner know quickly.
  • Leave feedback. Once exchanges are done, leave feedback using "Trade History."
  • Be respectful. If problems arise, don't be rude. Try to resolve the issue politely.
  • Report issues. If problems can't be resolved, let us know! We'll help.

Disputing an Exchange

If your partner isn't completing an exchange, or you suspect a scam, let us know. To dispute an exchange, click the "Report" button. Include as many details as possible.

Talk it out - Length: 1 week

Once an exchange is disputed, an Admin or the CTL will step in to help find a solution. Our goal will be to negotiate one of the following two outcomes:
  • Completion: The exchange is completed as agreed, OR
  • Cancelation: The exchange is canceled, with all goods refunded in full
Both the buyer and seller have the right to cancel an in-progress exchange when possible. However, when cancelling, all money must be refunded.

Overdue - Length: Until resolved

If the dispute is still unresolved after the one week "talk it out" period, we'll take action.
  • FP$ exchanges: We will initiate an auto-refund of the FP$
  • Post-for-post exchanges: We will auto-transfer 25 FP$ per post and 40 FP$ per thread to compensate for all owed posts. The FP$ will be deducted from the user who did not complete the exchange.
  • Cash / Other: When a dispute is overdue, we will identify any users who are not fulfilling expectations, and apply a temporary exchange restriction. That user will not be allowed to enter into any new exchange on Forum Promotion until the dispute is resolved. Once resolved, the restriction will be lifted.

Community Standards

We want our members to have good outcomes from exchanges. In all disputes, our goal is to make sure that the exchange is resolved. If both parties respond in good faith to a dispute, then no action needs to be taken, and both users will remain in good standing. However, there are some circumstances where we need to take action to uphold the community's standards.

If a user consistency does not fulfill their responsibilities in exchanges, we may decide, at our discretion, to give that user an Exchange Warning. If they continue to not meet their responsibilities after that warning, we will issue an Exchange Restriction. Lengths of this restriction include: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, permanent. Length will vary based on severity.

Scam Policy

If a member acts in bad faith intentionally, then they are a scammer. Action will vary based on circumstance. All forms of intentional scamming will be punished with, at minimum, a 30 day ban from Forum Promotion. Scams involving more than $30 will result in a permanent ban.

Feedback Policy

Both positive and negative feedback are allowed in the exchange feedback system. This system can be accessed by clicking "Trader History" on a profile or marketplace thread. You can also leave a comment on the user's thread, though we recommend using the feedback system. In either case, comments should be honest, direct, polite, constructive, professional, and made in good faith. Any feedback that does not meet this standard may be removed or edited. Feedback for exchanges that took place before June 1st, 2018, is not allowed, as those exchanges were too long before the introduction of the feedback system for us to properly vet.
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